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Bad to the Bone - Demo (1990)

metalfranc said...

OK, so here is some explanations regarding this band : ORIALIX did 2 demos (yes another one that I have exists after "La Geste D'Orialix" (1987) and it's called "Orialix II" (2 tracks)(1988) ... After ORIALIX, there was this band called BAD TO THE BONE with a unique demo (this one) released in 1990, then another band called LOOKER with 2 demos ("Gunfighter" (2 tracks)(1991) and "Lover’s Tears" (8 tracks) (1993).

... Then, there was SHUNT that did a demo called "Moonlight" (11 tracks) (1993), a first album called "Shunt" (1994), a 2nd one called "Héros" (6 tracks)(1995) and a video-clip with the song "Pluie Noire" on the TV Channel MCM on 1995.

Complete enough I hope :)

be said...

Wow, you áre the master of details Franc! Thanks!

Strappado said...

he truly is, perfect and detailed information once again metalfranc, thankyou!.

Strappado said...

btw any chance to see a rip of that second Orialix demo? ;]

metalfranc said...

Unfortunately not, it's still on cassette and I didn't rip it yet onto CD or mp3 yet and as you know, I can't read anymore any LPs or audio tapes. All my uploads for the moment are taken from the things that I've converted before my stereo broke. Sorry for the moment

Anonymous said...

Thank for this stuff.

Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
you can find most of it and more at Heavy Metal Rarities

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