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Holocausto - Campo de Extermínio (1987/2003)

Anonymous said...

Amazing Record.
Everyone should know that the image was meant for shocking effect.
I totally love it.
Valerio Exterminator, Rodgrigo Führer...great names. :) ;)

Strappado said...

yeah like the japense bands Rommel and Mein Kampf. Don't take it to seriously

disallø said...

the symbolism is used only to shock. I personally am anti-fascist because fascism and nazism in Italy has created too many problems.

Fernando said...

Very nice upload. Another Brazilian band that explored this thematic was Anjos do Inferno/Escola Alemã (means Hell's Angels/German School in english).

Anonymous said...

Sieg Heil!

XD just a joke

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