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Rough Honor - The Right To Rock (1987)

Philip said...

Thank you very much

Coffee Metal said...

As our friend Strap says: Quite a Jew

Thanks, Metalfranc!

Jennifer said...

I know someone in this band. I can get you more info about the band if needed.

Strappado said...

All info are more than welcomed :). Do you happend to have a photo of the album cover to?

Jennifer said...

I can get just about everything... I'm dating Robert Walker. How did you come to know about the band they have been broken up since 03?

Jennifer said...


The song that you have on the page is Deliver Us, not the Right to Rock.

Kathleen said...

Rough Honor was a group of guys that were very excellent dedicated musicians its very sad that they were never really recognized for there work. The song (You) is one of my favorites also Fallen Angel. Thanks for putting this up I really enjoyed it.

Kathleen said...

Also as Jennifer said the song posted above is Deliver Us. Thanks again

Strappado said...

Yeah great band indeed, and yes I am aware that the sample is entitled "Deliver Us" :)

Btw do you have any photo of the album cover?

Kathleen said...

Yes, I might be able to get one for you, will let you know and again Thank you.

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