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Santa - Reencarnacion (1984)

Metalhunter said...

Thanks for this Bones, one of my all-time favourites from Spain! R.I.P. Azuzena!!!

Lord Bones said...

Your welcome bro! And indeed RIP Azuzena Dorado. She passed away in 2005. A great voice lost to the Metal world.

Anonymous said...

The last track is missing. Think you could re-upload it?

José Miguel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
José Miguel said...

The 1983 name was Viuda Negra (Black Widow, like the spider). The name of the band "Santa" has nothing to do with Santa Claus or Christmas Eve, it is referred to the feminine for "Saint", regarding the strong and religious tradition in Spain. It is intended to be ironic and of course unfriendly.

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