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Ezra - Underground Visions (1986) [Vinyl Rip]

savvas said...

Abdolutely fantastic upload. This site turns into Heavy-Power-Progressive Lovers Wet Dream! Thanks metalfranc! Fabulous as always!

metalfranc said...

Thanks for your nice words. You're welcome. Glad that you like it.

ZykesCross said...

I thought nobody could have a real copy of this one in his collection. Once again Metalfranc amazes us with a top-notch share. Thanks again!

Oldmaniac said...

All is said in other comments Metalfranc.....!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Looking for this for quite a while - thanks a lot! There's a skip in first track... any chance of fixing? I appreciate your efforts!

1 Old Rocker

Anonymous said...

Hi metalfranc
The link is dead,is it possible you repost it ?

Thank you very much,

Philippe Lombard

Anonymous said...

Hi metalfranc,

The link is dead, is it possible you repost it please ? Maybe in 320 kbs

Thank you very much


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