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Arkange - 3 Demos (1986-1987)

Kaiuss said...

YEAHHH that's really greattt!!!!!!!

Never saw this demo before... on the net and in any trade lists!

Thanks Metalfranc for this treasure :)

Kaiuss said...

I had a look in my demo list and I found a 8 tracks demos from Arkange (receide by a friend) but there are no titles, no cover...

Musically speaking it seems to be the same band...

metalfranc said...

Kaiuss, please, check your e-mail, I've just sent you one :)

Oldmaniac said...

I applause....!!!! Thanks Metalfranc!

metalfranc said...

You're welcome Oldmaniac and Kaiuss. All the pleasure is for me. Some more extremely rare French stuff in the 2 days to come... Stay tuned !

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