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Mother's Little Nightmare - Thrills n' Chills (1989)

metalfranc said...

What a wonderful unexpected surprise ! Thanks a ton.

metalfranc said...

So I've just listened to it. In fact musically it's quite glam. It reminds me something between FASTER PUSSYCAT and THE CULT (period "Love" and "Electric"). Unexpected for a German band. Even if it's let's say, in the "3rd division", some songs are really good like for example the song "Mother's Little Nightmare". In any case, it's rare and even if it's far to be the best album in the world, they is a lot worse than this. So thanks for this !

Evil Star said...

I agree metalfranc, the singer instantly reminded me of Ian Astbury, although not as much as the singer from Swedish band Mustasch, that guy sounds incredibly similar.

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