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Rampage - Love Lights Up The Night (1983)

Anonymous said...

Hi bro's. Actually this band is not pre-Helloween. Is the previous band of the guitarist of Gamma Ray Henjo Richter and the previous guitarist of Helloween Ronald Grapow. The pre-Helloween band is "Iron Fist (Ger)". Great post!

metalfranc said...

You're absolutely right my friend. I said pre-Helloween because of Roland Grapow. BTW, for info, I take the opportunity to say that the IRON FIST's demo (3 tracks) that is all over the net is not from the band IRON FIST but from the band JAGUAR (UK) although this demo is under the name IRON FIST. It's just a fake !

Seamus said...

Another excellent album - thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Thanks, was looking for this album long ago, this one and their first album Victims of rock, it is very difficult to find. Thanks again and a hug from Brazil.Art.

Heavy Metal 80 said...

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