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Revert - Cyberman King / Mecanic Vision [Demos] (1995)

metalfranc said...

I just wanted to tell that the band REVERT is not as we can say a band cause this guy, Christian Revert, is just a genius. He did everything alone from these 2 demos... in his bedroom ! He composed all the songs, did the programming (for drums and bass) and plays guitar on it in an incredible way. Of course he is more than unknown comparing to Vinnie Moore, Tony Macalpine or George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), but the way he plays is as good as those 3 musicians mentioned. For a home-made demo, the result is quite impressive IMO.

Strappado said...

Interesting info!.
He sure did a hellofagreat job to get everything to sound as good as it does!

"Prince Dracula" a favorite of mine and ofcourse "Dragon".

Have to give the demos another listen now!.

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