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Alain Aime (ex-Fisc) - Survivor (1989)

KISSMAR said...


Kaiuss said...

I saw several times Alain in live performance, he's a great guitar player and a very cool man.
After this excellent 1st album he had to come out a second one which never see the light.
In 94 he formed a rock band called "Alain Aimé and the Corruptible", only 1 cd was realised, I got it in my collection and it is very hard to find it even in second hand...
After that in 96 or 98 I don't remember exactly, he came out another CD more pop influences, I didn't buy it...
Now he plays in a theater comedy.

metalfranc said...

@KISSMAR : You're welcome
@Kaiuss : I also have the CD of "Alain Aimé and the Corruptible" :)

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