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Diamond Head - Flight East [Demo] (1984)

AchiLLeS said...

AOR/Soft rock by Diamond Head??? ahhhmmm...

Strappado said...

After a a few listens I have to say I am very unsure if it's even DIAMOND HEAD.. I mean it sounds nothing like 'em.

Anyone could confirm this to be DH?

AchiLLeS said...

I pretty sure this the voice of Sean Harris. Defently it is....

Vile Ent said...

Yes it's Sean Harris on vocals.

Vile Ent said...

Perhaps Harris attempted a solo career after the breakup, hoping to evade the industry stigma toward Metal and get to quit his day job?

Matt said...

Thanks for responding to my request Strappado.

This is definitely Diamond Head. Sean Harris was never really a heavy metal fan, and made many attempts to move the band away from heavy metal. The influence can be seen as early as the Borrowed Time album, and is most obvious on Canterbury. Even Death & Progress, though heavier than Canterbury, is barely what one call metal. Tatler was the one with the more more traditional NWOBHM influences, and he was the initial primary song writer on their first album.

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