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Enor - Ifern Ien [Demo] (2007)

Boring Oldfart said...

I also don't like this kind of vocals, they kinda turn me off. Instrumentally it's played well and good, but the vox are definitely not my cup of tea.

Strappado said...

Yeah I also liked how it sounded musically, sadly the vocals ruined it for me.

But.. it's becouse I am into clean vocals (preferably with some falsetto) :)

Bzh thrasher said...

I know the vocals can divide people here. I'm very proud to be published on this great blog :)

Strappado said...

Thanks BZH! it's a good demo, totally worth a place on the blog!

Bzh thrasher said...

The singer is more into Death metal than me but i think the biggest problem is the record of the vocals.

Seamus said...

Musically I think it's excellent but I'm with Strappado where the vocals are concerned. That said, I'm not criticising them - I'm just not into death metal.

Strappado said...

Yeah but many people seem to like the demo (according to the ratings).

If you want to you can upload those unreleased recordings you mentioned in the mail :)

Bzh Thrasher said...

Yes i'm happy to see it ! I am going to ask it to the singer because my computer had a problem a few months ago and i don't have it now ! But i think you will like one of these songs ! My favourite song is in these ones !

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