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Fiona - Fiona (1985)

Anonymous said...

I bought this on vinyl last year,but I thought it was already uploaded on the net with the others
(I think metalfranc shared them on thrashmageddon 2 or 3 years ago)

metalfranc said...

You're right Anonymous, I've uploaded all of them about 3 years ago on T-Mag. You have a good memory. BTW, what is (was) your nickname ?

Lord Bones said...

I didn't got them from T-Mag but from other places and 2 of the albums I posted here were my own rips.

metalfranc said...

No doubt, my rip on T-mag was @192 kbps if I remember well. And it was my vinyl rip. I just wanted to say to "Anonymous" that he had a good memory :). BTW, I love this album. Specially the song "You're No Angel". Her best album with "Squeeze" IMO.

Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
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