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Gilgamesj - Demo #1 (1982)

metalfranc said...

For info, the release year of this demo is 1982.

Strappado said...

Wow that was fast, thanks metalfranc :)

Lord Bones said...

WTF. Cool man. I have seen Gilgamesj perform one time during the Metal Clogs presentation.

Thundertrain said... I remember, I was there too, i was with Frankenstein, my first time backstage adventure

Lord Bones said...

Really? Wow. The world is small indeed :) I remember it was in an old barn or something near some rail road tracks in Eindhoven, it was a great day. Frankenstein was good yes :) Also Crossfire.

Anonymous said...

great upload, but it's no longer there.... can somebody please reup this? Gilgamesj are friends of ours and Frank (their singer) used to be our neighbour.... Excellent HR and very underrated in their homecountry.

witchcross said...

yeah, I really would like to hear this demo from this great band too. Hopefully someone can reup it.

Strappado said...


Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
you can find most of it and more at Heavy Metal Rarities

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