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Shooting Star (ex-Warning) - Un Hommage A Christophe Aubert (1996)

metalfranc said...

Sorry for my little mistake on the track-list. Even if the last track "Tel Que Tu L'Imaginais" has been released released in 1981, it's a live track from the France Festival 1985 (and not 1981).

Strappado said...

Thanks metalfranc, it's corrected.

Bzh Thrasher said...

Thank you Strappado and thank you Metalfranc. I listened the album and i think it is only "ok" , what do you think about it you two ?

Strappado said...

RIP Didier Bernoussi!

Strappado said...

I liked the vocals on the song "BLUE" by far my favorite of the album, but the rest just "OK" as you said.

metalfranc said...

I personally don't like this album at all. The only very good track is "Immortel". The only one with very good lead vocals. We are very far from the two 1st album of Waning. My opinion is that those kind of tribute are senseless. As a result, quite boring music besides "Fire Fire", "Immortel" and "Tel Que Tu L'Imagininais (live)". Such a shame that Rapha (the singer on the 1st two albums) was even not invited to participate in this project. :(

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