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Attentat Rock - Blouson Noir [Single] (1980)

Metahunter said...

Holy shit, this is a real hellish rare item...never saw this 7" anywhere before!!! Thanxxx metalfranc for sharing this gem!!!

metalfranc said...

You're welcome. Yes, a really rare gem. Some more to come....

Kaiuss said...


Thanx Metalfranc!
I've already ripped this 7" from my collection and it didn't jump ;)If you want my rip no soucy ;)

metalfranc said...

Hello Kaiuss, with pleasure, yes.

manupassier said...

It is so good to listen to those old songs. I live in Avignon (France) and I'm also searching for demos of Silence (Known by the name of Synthese and Sultan's Seed)., if you got it...

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