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Dark Wizard - Live in Holland, Zaal Takens (23/3-1986) [Video & MP3]

Oldmaniac said...

Thanks for the MP3 rip and tracklist Strap. BTW the mp3's sound is a bit saturated, is this because of my video rip or what?

flying B said...

Many,many thanks ,,oldmaniac,, for this great share.I visit them 2 times live,back in the early 80`s.
I loved their work,I love dutch 80`s steel.I you have more of this great stuff???,please share.

Oldmaniac said...

Unfortunately I haven't more from dutch bands on video, but I have some interesting stuff from Deadly Blessing, Ironsword & Metal Inquisitor....all 3 recorded at Swordbrothers Fest.
I will upload them in the future.

akira said...

Thanks oldmaniac for great video!!!!

Do you have Blind Fury Live video, with Lou Taylor from 85?

witchcross said...

thanks Oldmaniac and strap - keeping the true metal alive!

Anonymous said...

Oh so nice, Dark Wizard is from my hometown Vroomshoop. And it was my very first live concert ever. Hail Hail

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