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Inner Sanctum - Knowledge at Hand [Demo] (1995)

Anonymous said...

thaanksss!!! I was searching this one long time ago

Anonymous said...

They have a double remastered album of every single track ever recorded!!
Out on US label

Only 500 pressed so bloody rare- ordered mine already

Heard they are called SYNAPTIK or something now-
Gonna search them out

Anonymous said...

yes - found them
Inner Sanctum are reformed and now called SYNAPTIK
Can find them here-

they have an album coming out on German Label in few week - Rebeltune records
Heard the live stuff and they are better than ever- he can still hit all those high notes- how they never got huge i don't know- brilliant band-
Tech Metal pioneers

Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
you can find most of it and more at Heavy Metal Rarities

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