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Warning - France Festival [Live] (1985)

Anonymous said...

it's the same mediafire link of Vulcain live...

metalfranc said...

It seems that the link is correct

Nagafana said...

Super Metalfranc, comme d'habitude :D

Moi qui ai 19 ans, je découvre la sainte vague du Heavy Franco-belge. Tu n'aurais pas les 45 tours de Airbus par hasard ?

GILOU said...

Le lien ne fonctionne pas ! Help !
The link doesn't works anymore !!! HELP AGAIN !

Anonymous said...

dead link !! aargh !!
je decouvre seulement maintenant ces bootlegs et je n'en ai aucun de Warning :-((
please could you re-up this masterpiece ?

Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
you can find most of it and more at Heavy Metal Rarities

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