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R.U.S.T. - R.U.S.T. [Demo] (2007)

Metalmaven said...

Thanks for digging this one up Strappado. You notice the drummer's name? haha!

Strappado said...

Haha yeah I noticed! directly thought about our friend in here ;)

A.D.D. said...

The new album is good. I hope to have a review of it out this week.

Anonymous said...

Probably i am the drummer..who knows..haha but im from Greece and not from Cyprus. :-) Thanks for their demo, if you want to pre-listen their full lp, grab it from Stay Heavy blog (for those who dident know yet)

porosimetal said...

A SUPERB NEW BAND,THEIR NEW CD KILLS!Thanx strappado blog from this mcd also!T'aderfia ap'tin KYPRO sxizoune!!!

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