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Deuce - Demo (1983)

Anonymous said...

Metal Archives isn't correct. What you are uploading isn't in fact 1 only demo but a compilation of several demo tracks recorded between february 1983 and mid 1984 (several studio sessions). The demo in Metal Archives tagged as 1984 is in probably correct as it was released in december of 1984 but many people says it was released already in 1985. This is what i know about. All these demos haven't any cover and were largely tape traded during the 80's. Maybe what you got some guy did put all together in 1 sole dubbed tape and tagged it as 1 demo but according to my infos is in fact several demo recordings. Of course no-one can be 100% sure of this except the former band members. Maybe some US old zines can bring some extra infos and clear this out...

porosimetal said...

MEVISTOX5 Thanx!I love TENSION and of course DEUCE!Tom Gattis is a cult figure,great voice and song composer!Here TIM MEADOWS plays the guitar!

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