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Victory - Taking the Fight (1982)

Metalmaven said...

Strappado, none of this one impresses you because you're a metalhead! This is a rock album!

Lets put it this way: Go ahead and name your top 10 rock albums of the last 20 years. If you are like me you will not be able to do it, because for AOR, rock, and hard rock the riffs are too simple and the tempo too slow for the metalhead.

All of my favorite rock bands are from 30 years ago - Boston, Journey, and REO Speedwagon come to mind. And what do these bands all have in common? That's right - hot metal guitar.

Btw, some of the song writing on this one is actually very good, like on the track you posted.

Strappado said...

Yes I am a metalhead who also enjoys progressive rock / psychedelic rock and hard rock (soft and hard). But this album had nothing that really impressed me at all. The songs was really boring..

I always try to find something that makes a song worth listen to but I can't say that happend here.. except for the song in the sample, yes it had some interesting lyrics but that's all.

Metalmaven said...

If you have some rock bands to recommend that would be great.

I am clueless about rock music and have to go back to the 80's for songs I really like.

Must have been something in the water back then.

Strappado said...

The 70's had a lot of jewels!

Are you a member of the forum Maven? in that case start a thread about it and I will give you tons of recommendations.

Metalmaven said...

Started a topic called Rock Music Recommendations in the forum. Hope it is set up right.

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