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Monday Knights - Demo (2000)

porosimetal said...

Superb power metal!I love SCOTT'S voice(especially in the INNER STRENGTH demos)and paired here with IRON RAINBOW,it's pure magic!!Thanx metalman777 for this precious post!

Garth Conan said...
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metalman777 said...

You are welcome my friend!! I actually found the "Thank You For The Metal" song on a comp I had laying around from the metal-zine pictured in the video for it and realized what it was and was like whoa!!! Along with the other two tracks provided they completed the demo! The other two tracks were thought to be Iron Rainbow songs with Scott singing when in doubt it was Monday Knights!! "Thank You For The Metal is an anthem and really shows how incredible Scotts vocals really are!! The band is tight as hell too!! Real Pirates of the Underground!!

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