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Twisted Tower Dire - Triumphing True Metal (Demo 1997)

metalman777 said...

Great upload!! I always wondered if there was more material with Janet Rubin on vocals and now I wonder no more!! The first time I heard her in Twisted Tower Dire it was on the comp "Metal Injection - A Lethal Dose Of Metal Mayhem" form 97 with the track "Starflight Requiem"!! Thank you for this!!

porosimetal said...

Thanx mighty ACHILLES for sharing this rarity!Superb demo,with a slighty doomier edge than their following meterial!Also JANET'S vocals add another dimension to the TTD sound we know!Very precious upload indeed!Gia sou re imithee AXILLEA!!!

Anonymous said...

im glad that you guys like it :-) Cheers!

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