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Backlash - Backlash (1986) [Reissue 2006]

porosimetal said...

Mighty ACHILLES,thanx for this great rarity!I had it before in a cdr copy,but now the quality is great!!Thanx for the great scans too! For me this band is an excellent one! A typical case of a band that lost because they were located out in the wasteland, major label business wise,of course!The songs are killers,they combine metal power and melody(great balladesque parts), superb vocals and wailing guitar hero leads!!A cult gem in the underground circles,but,alas, buried and forgotten for all the rest!Such a pity!!Achilles well done for delivering to us such a shining piece of pure american steel!Panta tetoia megale!!

Web Designers said...

really great music for this rock band,looks like they really know their stuff.

Anonymous said...

Cheers guys! :-)

savvas said...

Amazing band! Really solid and melodic guitar play and powerful vocals. Never herad of 'em before!
Thanks Achilles
Να'σαι καλά αδερφέ. Κάθε φορά μας κουφαίνεις! Ευχαριστούμε!

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