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Boom Shanker Group - Boom Shanker Group (1988)

porosimetal said...

STRAPPADO,MEGA THANX FOR THIS RARITY,THE SCANS,THE INFOS!!A great band,very interesting mix of 70's influences with the style of some NWOBHM bands,like WITCHFYNDE, WITCHFINDER GENERAL for instance,in some of their riffs and in the "stoned",weird vocals of MATS who at times comes out a bit like ZEEB of W.GENERAL!Of course their sound is lighter and less doomy than the mentioned above bands!Nice surprise is also the ballad that closes the lp!"BIKERIDING" and "CRY OUT LOUD" are the standing out songs for me,with all the others being very good too! Overall a great gift from STRAPPADO,thanx again man!

Arnas said...


I want to download this one but the link is dead. Could you renew it?

Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
you can find most of it and more at Heavy Metal Rarities

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