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Wishdoom - Up The Hammers (Demo 2008)

porosimetal said...

ACHILLES,excellent gift this upload!Superb epic doom metal from my town of Thessaloniki!This is their only effort i haven't!Some SARISSA/CANDLEMASS elements add greatness to their overall approach!At their primitive era in this cdr demo,still excellent though!!You ALL must hear,their 2009 mini cd and their 2011"HELEPOLIS(CD)".They improved and became even greater!!And these front covers,you'll love them ACHILLES,straight from the glorious ancient Hellas!Thanx again ACHILLES,eisai imitheos kai oxi mono logo onomatos!!HAIL!!!

Anonymous said...

Τα εχω τα υπολοιπα cds τους, το ενα μαλιστα το εχω ανεβασει και στο blog μου εδω:

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