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E.T. Alma - Return of the Starchild [Demo] (2005)

porosimetal said...

STRAPPADO,thanx for this upload!A very good band that delivers ellegant melodic power metal(not symphonic,just a little elements of that genre),that i really liked and i believe that the fans of this genre will appreciate it!My personal favourite songs are#2, #3 and the last one which is a great prog-power song!Definitely a promising band,but they must work a lot to stand out from the lots of excellent bands of the genre!Someone may say why to be so anxious and set targets and work heavy schedules,after all it's music for enjoyment and to make us happy,so all we must enjoy the present!I'll agree with them!Thanx again ,STRAPPADO,for your hard work that brings us forgotten treasures!Be blessed!!

Erika said...

I know, since I was their vocalist. :) They kicked me out of the band around...hmm....2006? I think? Why? Well, I think Leo wanted to go "darker" or "heavier" and my vocals were to sweet. We havent been friends since. He kicked me via e-mail...which made me kinda sad, since we, prior to that, had been friends for over 8 years....I thought I atleast deserved a phone call. Now, personally, I prefer OTHER song from Alma than these, althoug selfesteem is my favorite, since I wrote it myself :). I can get you more songs, if you like?

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