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Hidden - Alea Jacta Est [Demo] (1990)

porosimetal said...

CJ,STRAPPADO,thanx for this great demo,the scans the infos!Excellent speed power metal that brings to mind DRIFTER,MANDATOR, VENDETTA, DEATH ROW!Although these bands tend to get a bit more technical parts in their songs and HIDDEN songs are more simple and straight ahead in the arranging approach, you can still find in these demo songs nice riffs and rythm changes,hot guitar leads and vocals which are not mere screams and growls!Powerfull yet ellegant enough this HIDDEN band!Thumbs up guys for providing us this rare and great demo!

Anonymous said...

Hi, there!!! This link isn't working. Please, I'd like to have this fuckin' bastard stuff of this band, yeah!! 666!!!

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