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Holy Moses - Rock 'N' Roll Forever (1996)

porosimetal said...

ACHILLES,thanx for another great upload!I only got their 1999 KILLER KHAN cd and this cd from their primitive stage is a nice present!Not maybe for those who like innovative and unique sounds,but a must have for all traditional metal heads! BLACK SABBATH is the main influence here,in the OZZY style vocals and in the riffs ,both delivered by KILLIAN KHAN(The power metal version of SCOTT"WINO"WEINRICH)! With more leanings to power metal than the most stone sounding GOATSNAKE,SPIRIT CARAVAN,THE OBSESSED,etc... Cult,pure doomy power metal porosis!!!

Motörheadbanger said...

Here's the Killer Khan version:

Anonymous said...

@Porosimetal..Your welcome man! ;-)
@Motorheadbanger, many thanks for fullfilled two of my requests bro! Cheers!

metalman777 said...

I have both versions of this on cd my self!! Love this band!! Anyone have info or link for their first album "Latitude Zero" ?

Anonymous said...

Here their first LP MetalMan ;-]

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