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Challenger - Rock Från Havet [comp. Tracks] (1986) + Demo (1988)

David said...

Fantastic !!
I loved very much the both compilation Tracks !! thank you very much !!

porosimetal said...

STRAPPADO,thanx a lot for introducing us to this great 80s band!I find both demo 1988 and the compilation songs(1986)great!The melody,the great guitars,the great vocal delivery,the power are elements of all 5 songs!I admit the 86 songs are heavier,but the 88 ones are catchy and more ellegant-still being heavy!This band,given the right chances,should be big and adored by metal fans!Thanx for digging this stuff up and offering it to us!Be blessed man!!

Anonymous said...

They were from Gotland - Saw them a couple of times and they had some great talents and songs. Petty they stopped playing together in -90.

Anonymous said...

dead link, please reupload, tks

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