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New Haven - Demos (1984)

porosimetal said...

STRAPPADO THANX A LOT FOR THIS TREASURE!I really liked their single as EVOLUTION(another gift from you)and these demo songs(tape lp duration) are of equal quality too!The style here is like this one followed by the NWOBHM bands(direct,powerfull,yet melodic metal,with catchy hooks and refrains),a bit reminiscent of early era EF BAND and early-1st LP MAMAS BOYS,with THIN LIZZY and early UFO influences!There is even a great ballad(song#7),common thing in the 80s and lots of tastefull twin lead guitar soloing!A must for lovers and hunters of the obscure NWOBHM and 80s stuff!!Much obliged again STRAPPADO,you rule!!!

Anonymous said...

dead link, please reupload, tks

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