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Pyramid - First Stone (1978)

irukandji said...

Thanks Strappado, this is very rare and beautiful.
Your blog is the very best...
Hails from Colombia

porosimetal said...

DRHOOKER,STRAPPADO,mega thanx for this obscure rarity of the 70s!!!Very good vocal performance by CHRISTER,suitable for the weird hard rock style they delivered!Funky and soul influenced(not only because of the horn sections)in a style that brings to mind DOOBIE BROTHERS, J.GEILS BAND,JAMES GANG and boogie hard greats like FOGHAT,STATUS QUO!!All in all a great hard rock album that ancient entities like me adore,but the metal heads out there may find it soft and cheesy! But who cares,after all it's the music that counts!!

metalman777 said...

Wow this upload rules!! Thank you!! I am a huge Mentzer fan!! I have seen this band referred to as "Pyramids" by Christer Mentzer around the web so just wondering if this is the original cover...nonetheless thanks again!! The first three songs are really catchy!! Does anybody have info or the recordings from Expressen, Valfritt, The Great Family Orchestra or Imperium?

Patrick said...

I've always loved his vocals. I first heard him on Silver Mountain's Universe album. This sounds really cool. Thanks!

Tomk said...

Please fix the link. I want to hear this jewel!

Strappado said...

Depositfiles and fileserve still works

Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
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