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Bedlam - The Lost Recordings [Bootleg] (1986)

porosimetal said...

STRAPPADO,having been a BEDLAM fan since i first bought their 1985 mini lp(you also posted it here),I see this upload as an unexpected gift!!THANX A LOT!!The 2007 songs are kinda ALICE COOPER influenced,very good melodic hard rock!!The precious ones for me are the 3-10, 1986 songs!According to the swedish hrhm encyclopedia, MICKE MOBERG is the vocalist on this demo,"SENSURROUND" was the title of this never released album!Don't know the keyboardist's name,or wether is a session man or a band member!Anyway the songs are great,much obliged for giving us the opportunity to hear songs that maybe only the band members have!!Be praised man,thanx a lot again & again!!

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