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Steel Against Steel - Error Medicorum [Demo] (1990) [FLAC]

Magnix said...

Good to see you like my little contribution to your metal blog!

As I noted I own Steel Against Steel's demo tape "Error Medicorum" in its original format. From February 1988 till late 1990 I lived in the same house in Groningen as Eric (singer) and Hans (drummer) from the band. Although I'm not a particular metal fan (I'm a music fan, and like a bit of metal every know and then), I used to hear their music on a regular basis. Especially Eric made me sit down sometimes and let me listen to a demo or live tape of their music.
I never purchased the demo tapes back then, but found this tape in a secondhand musicstore in Den Haag (The Hague) in December 1999 and mostly bought it for nostalgic reasons, if you know what I mean. However, I do own their only 'real' record, the "From Factory To History" LP. It also still includes my personal invitation for the release party on May 18, 1990 at Huize Maas, Groningen.

Anyways, once again, enjoy the demo tape!

Lord Bones said...

Hallo Magnix!

Bedankt voor de demo! Ik ben een Nederlandse Metalhead woonachtig in de VS en ik waardeer je contributie. Ik probeer nu zoveel mogelijk Nederlandse Metal bands te verzamelen. Nogmaals bedankt!

J123 said...


I was wondering if my collection of steel against steel is now complete.
Do you know if they made a demo before out of the tomb ? I seem to remember they had a tape with a yellow cover but im not sure if this was a official demo or just some live recordings.

Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
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