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Unearthing the Obscure Part II: METAL MERCHANT (US) - S/T [EP] (1986)

Anonymous said...

this is the rarest of the rare!!can't wait for a full upload!!

Anonymous said...

it`s like showing a banana to a starving ape, and not letting it have it.
please let us hear the whole thing !!!

Strappado said...

You have two samples right here! The "Unearthing the Obscure" series are not about downloading.

Anonymous said...

I know a lot about this band I have their album and some other recordings they did with different members they always did the battle of the bands scene in Houston and won everytime!

Strappado said...

I would be very interested to hear some history about the band. Feel free to mail me at:

Daron Conroy said...

Hey this is my father, Mike Conroy's band. He is still very good at guitar and singing. I also play guitar and sing ;). His music was so rock n roll/ metal and should be heard by more people. THEY ROCK!

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