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Sinner (UK) - Need Your Love [7" EP] (1979)

Haut Court said...


Please help us spread our music, cheers!


Saad ali said...

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The6070Rock said...

Thanks to Boris and Strapp,
great UK band and HARD & HEAVY with original style


pete (whiskeyjack said...

This band was from Banbury Oxfordshire UK and featured my friend Mark Bowes who owned a local guitar shop. The band were active from the late 70's till 1982.

This is the bands only recorded output and have no connection to any other bands of the same name.

They went on to form the Firebirds who were much more blues based.
Great to see this again thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Mark Bowes was not in Sinner although he played in contemporaneous bands. The guitarist was Graham (Grib) Cummings, the drummer Pierre (Jake) Jacobs & bass/vocals Ian J Gow


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