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Pettypew (Ger) - Back Where We Belong! [EP] (2002)

Филипп Куценко said...
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Rem said...

thanks a lot

porosimetal said...

EMIL,ROBIN,thanx a lot for offering this rare piece!!Their 1996 cd was very good and i'm eager to hear this too!!CHEERS!!porosimetal

Anonymous said...

I assume Robin is the Guitarist? If so it is quite an honor for him to send us this EP! The sample song is great and is reminiscent of their earlier album but with a tad more aggression in the overall sound which is a welcome surprise. I was optimistic about this and I wasn't let down. Thank you Robin, Strappado, and the rest of pettypew of course.


Anonymous said...

Great share & post guys! Thanks and especially to Robin!

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