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Drive - Diablero [Advanced Cassette] (1990)

garth_springer said...
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metalman777 said...

@Malinku:I was listening to the advanced cassette of Diablero and the whole album is a different recording than the 1994 version that I have on cd. Note: Pandilla-middle breakdown in english on advanced cassette spanish on cd!!! Also the mix is different solos are different drums sound different on a few tracks vocals differ in places and the two bonus tracks, Inherit the Wind and Insanity. You are the man dude!! More or less this is a lost album from this legendary band. This advance cassette is a whole new listen.....I cannot thank you enough!! I dedicate this "DIAMOND" to David Taylor(lead vocals)from Drive. "THE PHEONIX RISES FROM IT'S OWN ASHES, NEW REIGN HAS BEGUN" - R.I.P.

metalman777 said...

WTF!? Someone gave this a thumbs down?! :( I tell ya some people....GRRRR!!!

Malinku said...

I bet it is just that it is a cassette.
I didn't know that is was that different, Thanks, (as I have not heard the official release yet). But I knew it was something cool due to the date of it.

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