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Borderline - Can't Live Without Your Love [Single] (1991)

relianceoffers said...

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porosimetal said...

STRAPPADO,AORNIGHTDRIVE,thanx for this great single!Top quality, melodic stuff with the a-side being an excellent aorish christian anthem!Superb refrain,great vocals by CHRISTIAN!I like a lot the heavier b-side,a great song with melody and power riffing and outstanding vocal delivery!A superb single!Thumbs up!!!

Seamus said...

Thanks for this, Strappado & aornightdrive - very much appreciated - more high-quality metal (but then again, it's Swedish - what else do you expect?)

Di Sant said...

Hey Strappado!!
Thanks for the description in the name of my blog AOR Night Drive.


Jesse Di Sant

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