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Spiritborn - Pity the Unborn Child [Single] (1984)

Anonymous said...

This is my Dad's old band... :) Thankd to whoever put this up, praise the LORD!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

as the bass player said to the illegal uploading theif, WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO STEAL OUR WORK? WE WANT OUR MONEY NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Two words: COPYRIGHT and ROYALTIES. I'm sure you know what they mean.

Strappado said...

Do you want it to be removed or what are you screaming about?

Strappado said...

And I have never heard anything from the bass-player. Don't really know what you mean.

Anonymous said...

Hi, cheers for putting it on as I wrote and played this song no prob abt in being on site.

Steve S

Anonymous said...

Great words! And still so relevant.

Anonymous said...

I bought this when it first came out and still have my copy. Glad to say the drummer is still playing and holding a tight beat.


Anonymous said...

Hi, cover looks good but just tried to listen to single no sound though do you know why ??


Primitive said...

No one would wanna buy that christian garbage anyway

syl said...

get music you should here other songs by steve - not up there yet

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