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Alien (USA) - Cosmic Fantasy (1983) [EP]

metalman777 said...

Great share thanks!! This band features Frank Starr(R.I.P.)who also sang in THE FOUR HORSEMEN. I believe there is another release out there from ALIEN.....\m/\m/

metalman777 said...

This IS their only release :(

Anonymous said...

Some wild stuff, Bones. I can dig it! Thanks for the share.

Lord Bones said...

@Metalman777: Thanks for the extra info about the band!

@Anonymous: Your welcome, glad you liked it :)

A.D.D. said...

Anybody know what became of thier drummer? I looked to see if she was in any other bands and there is no info on her.

Seamus said...

Bones, you legend! Thanks for this - much appreciated

disallø said...

Thanks Lord Boobies! ;)

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