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Defcon - In Our Own Defense [Demo] (1991)

Anonymous said...

Although I certainly appreciate the free publicity and am stoked about people's intrest in this recording, it is not public domain and I own rights to it. Please feel free to contact me by email at concerning continued sharing of this copyrighted material. I would be the great vocalist of which you speak Thank you for the complement.
My name is George Hendrick.

Anonymous said...

The rest of the line up was as follows: Randy Blackwell GUITAR Kyle Anderson GUITAR Mark Louis BASS Marc Brattin DRUMS I apologize if I came off like a jerk in first post I did not intend to I just wanted someone to know the status of this material.
Thank you for ressurecting a great part of our lives Looking forward to hearing from you.

George Hendrick

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, I used to hang with these guys. They introduced me to dime and vinny, great band, great times....

SLAM said...

George, Did I do some background growls on this album? Wow....

Anonymous said...

Hey!! I remember these guys playing at the basement!!! Hell Yeah!!!

Strappado said...

I am very sorry for making your material public here, my intention was and are always to bring light to the lost and forgotten underground bands. This is a great demo which in my IMO deserves to be heard by the public and not buried and forgotten.

But let me know if you want it to be removed and I will take it down immediatly.

I also want to thank you George for the information of the line-up!. The members of DEFCON where totally unknown to me until now!

BTW where you in any other band/bands? your voice sounds very, very familiar.

I will probably write you a e-mail later. If you need to contact me fast use this mail address:

Cheers and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

We are very honored to be included on your site. You are certainly acheiving your goal of bringing a huge amount of fantastic music to light and we all, if I can speak for all the bands here, raise our metalfist to you. We very much desire to continue being found here and listened to by a new generation. That was after all what we intended when we we wrote these songs and many others. It was only my intention to remind us all musician and listener alike that many invest their lives and fortunes to allow us for a few moments to escape our everyday lives. Thank you for your work,time and dedication. George H.

Tomk said...

Link is dead. Please fix it!

restlinmajere said...

hi ,
can you re-post this as megaupload is down !

Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
you can find most of it and more at Heavy Metal Rarities

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