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Anonymous said...

I believe I have an original copy of Legend From the fjiords. Paper insert states produced for Colossus Enterprises Looking to research the value of album for possible sale.

bictorino said...

hi!....Seeking a track like "sacrifice" of "Racer X" ... I heard some time in another band and do not know his name.

busco un track parecido a "sacrifice" of "racer x" ... hace tiempo lo escuche en otra banda y no sé como se llama.


Anonymous said...

Hi, if I was just wondering if it would be possible to publish an announcement of the release of my band The Last Alliance's Album Lost in Legend. found fully to stream from thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend I'm Franck from France...Since a few days I can't reach Achilles or Lord Bones through our web sites BLOOD AND HONOR and BM80 because these web site don't work anymore...Can you help me to reach them ? Thanks a lot in advance...Franck

John Gilbert said...

Hi this is John from Florida, USA. I have a question--maybe only you can answer--I've tried to ask around for this lost video. I can't find this gem of a video: it was shot on location on an island, there was a prison, hot female wardens, the band was in the prison. It was an 80s band, probably speed or traditional maybe early thrash I don't remember. I will be ever grateful if you can help, if not I will keep looking! Keep up the great metal collecting, cheers. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern [anyone],I want to buy a cd called "kicked out of fantasy" by liquid mirror.(please}. my # is 808-722-0285 thanks ADRIAN

Anonymous said...

Any info on the New Jersey band White Bat that released the "Run and Hide" EP in 1983 would be appreciated. In 1983 I used to hear them on the radio on WCWP 88.1FM in New York.

Thanks, Dan

kitte said...

When I click on "read more, nothing happens ....???

Anonymous said...

Try clicking on the title instead

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! we invite to you to our web based promotion label for noisegrind/crust/cybergrind bands:

Chainfuck Records

we're accepting underground band stuff!

Freisinger said...

Searching for this band can anyone help said...

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Larry Locker said...

Hey I am a promoter and booking agent from the late 80s and 90s. We actually
were working on a project to book the band "Angelix" from your list. Bro. yes they were hard core Christian metal and they rocked the scene in Dallas and area for a while. They released their demon to cassette tape and it was like for all of you out there that love their metal. On top of that it helped lead me to receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and turn back to Him in 1995. I would love to hear from anyone out there that also knows of Angelix or Homer the lead singer. The double bass drum kicks and Homer's vocals with the stinging metal riffs are still embedded in my head but what I hear are hard core Christ centered messages that lead me closer to God. If any of you out there know the band or have a copy of their demo laying around please share it here and set up a Facebook site for these guys. I would love to hear from you Homer, man it has been so long and you have no idea how you effected my life along with the others of the Christian hard rock scene KIGA you also rock I will see you all in heaven one day, please meet me at the gate if you go before me and I will do the same. I hope someone from the band or from the area knows what I am talking about and can turn everyone on to their music. I still have a demo dup we made as a demo to book them in my car but no longer have a cassette player that works in there. So anyway, If you like to rock don't knock Christian Rock. I know Brian Welch came to the light, he also has some cool Christian material he wrote. Anyway anyone that wants to shout at me or complain lol hit me up at Much love in Christ our Lord to you guys from that time in Dallas, Texas that helped lead me to the Narrow Road which leads to eternal life in Jesus Christ!

Francisco de Assis Barros said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Francisco de Assis Barros said...

Please send me the password to extract the files from the Winrar folder. Thank you very much!


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