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Rolen - The Unexplained (1999)

porosimetal said...

ACHILLES,you amazed me again!!What a scorcher this cd!!!Perfect USA power metal!DAVID ROLEN delivers perfect vocals(GEOFF TATE,CARL ALBERT style,even some K.DIAMOND yells in the title track),the guitar work of BRIAN JAMES is simply red hot,and the most important of all,they can compose great songs that can haunt your mind after some listenings!Their sound and style combines elements of VICIOUS RUMOURS and SAVATAGE with more 80's straight ahead pure metal ones!ACHILLES do us a great gift-favour and upload,if possible,ROLEN's "MIRACLE" 1991 CD!Thanx again ACHILLES and host STRAPPADO for all this power metal greatness!!!

Anonymous said...

Dead kink!!!!please upload it again if possible!!! thanx!! :)

Ricardo Reyes said...

Please, i've looking to download this album for 10 years now!!! upload it to help a mexican metal head out

Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
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