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End Zone - Thalatta et Thanatos (1996)

porosimetal said...

MALINKU,PRAISES TO YOU FOR THIS PERFECTION!!!Being the only effort(of their three ones)i didn't have,i see this as the best gift for the entrance of 2012!! Criminally underrated band and guitar hero(OLEG MISHIN-also in CATHARSIS,SPECTER, check 'em out at once!!!)deliver here an all instrumental masterpiece,something for everyone to worship!AWESOMELY AWESOME,to play with the words!Am i over enthusiastic? No,not at all!!Simply perfection here,in the same inpiration sphere like this one of RALPH HUBERT(MEKONG DELTA)! Their other 2 cds are great too! This one in ancient Athenian-Attica language means"SEA AND DEATH"!For me it just means inspired metal from beginning to end!!MALINKU,STRAPPADO MY HEARTFELT RESPECTS,WISHES AND HAILS FOR THIS NEW YEAR!!

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