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Pyre - Nothing Happens by Mistake (1994) [Demo]

porosimetal said...

MALINKU,thanx for this rare upload! Interesting only to the very open minded metal heads ,because this IS NO METAL AT ALL!!Progressive metal is characterized by the virtuoso lead parts in the songs and the operatic or wide range vocals of the singer!Here we have,very good i admit,post new wave-punk with metallic elements!The way of singing,the rythms are influenced by bands as BAUHAUS,DIE KREUZEN,in a style not disimilar of another Texan act PROCESS REVEALED!Uploads like this add variety to the blog,giving the chance to hear styles of music different from metal but with metallic sounds -elements!Keep up the great posts from the underground man, especially the metal ones!!

Malinku said...

I'm still confused on the genre even after reading your post. So I'll let someone else figure it out

porosimetal said...

MALINKU,labels used only to portray a style ,if possible,to know a bit what to expect.Some bands don't fit easily in these usual styles,but who cares!It's only the music that matters,some people can use different names for the same style sometimes!Cool music is cool music,according of course to personal taste!CHEERS!!

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