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Sanctuary - Demos 1990/1991 [Unreleased 3rd Album]

Akey said...


AchiLLeS said...

Great post guys! Metal Greets!

mevistox5 said...

Thanks! Great upload

cinghiamattanza said...

Best upload of ever!!! Amazing!!!

porosimetal said...

STRAPPADO,superb,legendary,mythical,cult,sought after gem,something to worship!Is the word THANX!!!!! enough?? Much obliged,hail!!!

Danneq said...

Is this really a Sanctuary demo? It's got the same songs as the 1992 Nevermore demo, with different titles, and the quality of the recording sounds about the same.

I'll have to dig up the 1992 Nevermore demo and compare more indepth.

Loomis does the solos, except for The System's Failing which might be Rutledge.

Been a Sanctuary fan for over 20 years and a Nevermore fan since 1995, so I know the music. If it's the real deal, it's great!

mieledi said...

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cinghiamattanza said...

Nevermore's Utopia vs Sanctuary's demo '90?!?

Strappado said...

@Danneq, any success with the comparison?.

The track-titles are for sure not correct and they sound very similar to the UTOPIA demo. However I am not a big NEVERMORE fan so I leave this subject to those who are more familiar with the band.

Danneq said...

Sorry, no comparison yet. Have been busy. Will try to compare this weekend if I have time...

Danneq said...

I have not found my copy of the 1992 Nevermore demo, except for tracks such as Utopia, The Dreaming Mind and World Unborn which I have on my MP3 player.

They seem to be the same soundwise, except that the Sanctuary demo songs are much faster. It almost seems like they are sped up. Warrel Danes usually high vocals sound even more helium infused than normal.

So I am not sure, but would guess that it is the Nevermore demo that has been sped up ever so slightly and then passed on as a Sanctuary demo.

That's my opinion. If anyone else wants to compare, go ahead.

Anonymous said...

Danneq is right. It's the Nevermore demo speeded up.

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