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Myramainz - Demo (1990)

restlinmajere said...

i believe this is the 1988 demo not the 1990 demo as listed in Metal Archives. Does anyone has the 1990 demo ?

Anonymous said...

wrong song titles, but it`s indeed the 1990 demo.
thanks a lot !!!

Anonymous said...

hello, i am Hellslaughter876
the demo is from lockjaw, thaks to the original uploader

porosimetal said...

HELLSLAUGHTER876,thanx for this superb demo!I love technical power-speed metal and this one is from the best of this genre!I loved STRYCHNINEand i loved MYRAMAINZ too,since both their demos are great! Technicality,complexity,tempo shifts,TECCHIO style vocals at times,all elements that make the fans worship this demo and band!Up there in class with ARCANE,INNER STRENGTH and other cult legends of the genre!MEGA THANX ,MAN!!

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