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New Brand - Demo (1986)

Unknown said...

Hi Metalhunter and many thanks for this demo! this is members of the band Phoenix (Swe), after the release of their first 4-track demo in (1986) they changed their name into New Brand for a short period and put out this demo you have posted, to later change back to the name Phoenix again and release the EP "Say Goodbye" in 1989.

More info on Phoenix here:

Before Phoenix they have a band called Stormbringer, their demos can be found here:

This is their real names:

Jordab B Riche (Johan Renck) - Stakka Bo [Well known swedish singer and composter]

West/John Jackson (Jonas Westerlund)

Sandy Russel (Thomas Jörlöv) - [New Brand, Mansson]

Rick Robin (Jonas Åkerlund) - Become a known video producent

Jake Langsome (Jonas Langebro) - Bai Bang

Metalhunter said...

Wow Strapp, YOU are the Metal Encyclopedia!!! Thanks a lot for the detailed informations!!!

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